Which Coffee Maker? Grinding Out The Answer

When you stop at the convenience store or at a local coffee shop for your morning cup of coffee have you ever wondered how your cup of coffee came about?  No, not how it was brewed but how it was that you are able to drink a cup of coffee.  Sure, the coffee machine plays an important role in making your perfectly brewed cup of coffee, but just how did that coffee maker first come about, or how did the first person who ever sipped the first cup of coffee discover its magic?

Legend goes back to a lonely sheep herder in Ethiopia who noticed his sheep acting strangely every time they ate certain red berries from a certain bush.  One has to wonder why he himself decided to give the berries a try.  Well that is of no consequence because since that life altering decision man has been enjoying coffee in many different cultures, different countries and different places.  Do you know they even drink coffee on the Space Shuttle?  I wonder what kind of coffee machine they have.

The one million dollar question is exactly what makes a good cup of coffee?  Does buying one of the best coffee makers lead to a great cup of coffee?  Not necessarily..  Start with great coffee beans.  You can even roast your own coffee beans with the Home coffee roaster machines.  Roasting machines allow coffee drinkers to buy premium coffee beans at discount prices and roast them at home.  The coffee drinker is in charge of the roasting level; medium or dark roast.   Coffee drinkers also advise against buying pre-ground coffee, pre-grinding diminishes the coffee flavor and aroma.  Apparently the best part of the coffee bean is found deep within it therefore pre-ground, once the package is opened loses that rich coffee aroma.  Grinding your beans before you start percolating your coffee ensures you get the most out of the bean.  Talking about grinding the beans there are also two types of coffee grinders; burr and blade grinders, both serve the purpose equally well, so the type of grinder you have does not affect your cup of coffee.

Shopping for coffee makers
There are three different types of coffee makers.  There are filter coffee makers that basically drip hot boiling water over the ground coffee beans then filter the coffee over a disposable paper filter.  Then there are the espresso/cappuccino coffee makers and finally the combination coffee makers that make both cappuccino and filter coffee.  Choose a coffee machine that suits your needs.  Take into consideration how much and how often you drink coffee.  How much you are willing to spend on seeking the perfect cup of coffee.  Remember to look online, you can find many discount coffee makers.

Whether you enjoy your coffee with or without cream or whether you enjoy a robust and flavorful cup of black coffee remember to thank that lowly sheep herder who took a risk and ate the first coffee bean.