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Gevalia Coffee

Gevalia has partnered with coffee producers in Colombia, working with international development agencies and the national coffee federation on a multiyear program to upgrade coffee handling and processing, strengthen water quality and enhance living conditions for small coffee farmers.

Gevalia also been working with Peruvian coffee farmers, government institutions and development organizations to establish internationally recognized quality standards for Peruvian coffee exports. This program is now being extended to educate farmers on how to best achieve these standards and gain the market benefit that flows from higher-quality products. This partnership also resulted in the introduction of their Peruvian Organic Coffee in 2002.

Gevalia supports small farmers and cooperatives that are working to demonstrate sustainable growing practices. For example, Gevalia’s Karoma Estate coffee is sourced from a single estate in the Dominican Republic. Karoma not only produces a high-quality coffee which is grown at 4,000 feet, but does so while protecting the environment: The farmers have set aside 25% of their land for ecological reserves and for the protection of sources of both water and wildlife.

Other programs supported by Gevalia include:

  • Sponsoring education programs to provide general educational opportunities, as well as education on specific sustainable agricultural and environmental techniques in technical colleges
  • Direct feeding programs for rural communities
  • Provision of food staples and medical aid to needy families

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