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Coffee Pods

Are you a coffee lover? If so, then I am sure that you know what a coffee pod is. But for those who haven’t heard anything about it, here’s the gist: coffee pods are those that look like a large tea bag that contain the exact amount of coffee to give you a perfect shot every time you feel like enjoying a good cup. Got the idea? Well, your friend who was addicted to coffee is probably been looking for it, or it could be you wondering where on the planet you can find the right coffee pods.

Coffee pods basically are roasted coffees; buy this I mean freshly roasted and finely ground. A number of coffee enthusiasts created these pieces of pleasure by tampering the ground coffee to the proper pressure. The ground coffee is then encapsulated in paper, and they are offered either in package, or along with the coffee maker. Typically, the pods are created to the standard size of about 44mm with 6.8 to 7.0 grams of coffee for every pod.

The coffee pods were first brought to popularity ten years ago by Illy caffe. According to some resources, Illy opened the idea of creating and producing coffee pods in 1996 to be incorporated into the machines for a guaranteed perfect result. Following the introduction, several coffee enthusiasts embraced the idea and until now, the pods are offered in great numbers from a myriad of coffee shops and stores.

There are several good reasons people have in mind for creating and using coffee pods. First in the list is the fact that the pods can prevent any mess to occur. Yes, the pods help you to look after your coffee machine. Aside from that, coffee pods provide you a guaranteed result without much to do than simply putting it into its slot, closing it, and starting the machine. When the cycle is done, you just need to throw the pod away or use it as a fertilizer for your plants. The pods even help you clean your machine easily and hassle-free.

However, not all coffee pods may qualify for your taste. As you may know, many of the available pods these days are designed to fit only with a particular machine. Much to that, there are some instances that when you run out of pods, you might need them to be specially ordered. They are not carried consistently in local grocery stores, and some contain the coffee strength that you actually don’t like. Well, it is due to this fact that many of the coffee lovers nowadays prefer to design and create their own coffee pods.

In creating coffee pods, all you need to do is to be armed with the necessary equipments and ingredients. You probably have some of what you’ll need to create the pods, including a measuring scoop, certain amount of finely ground coffee, tea filter bags, electric iron, small funnel, a needle, and a flat surface. These are simply ordinary items, so you might not find it difficult to search for them in your house. But before you start, know the steps first. Ask for help and obtain ideas as much as you can. The more knowledgeable you are, the more enjoyable your coffee pods making is.